2 December 2019: Matthias Verraes on Temporal Analysis Patterns

When we design software for a complex domain, it helps to have a deep understanding of that domain, and reflect it in the system’s model. That’s the central premise of DDD. Many interesting business domains are temporal; they involve many interconnected processes and behaviours happening over time.

This is where traditional ways of understanding our domains fall short: they look at the artifacts of those processes, but not enough at the processes themselves.

Temporal analysis patterns help us see recurring patterns in how the processes in our domains work and are organised. The insights well get from applying the patterns, show us how to choose objects, components, and services. This leads to better decoupled systems, both internally and at the level of integrations.


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About Matthias Verraes

Mathias Verraes advises organisations on designing and modelling software for complex environments, including architecture, analysis, testing, and refactoring “unmaintainable” systems. He has worked with clients in Government, Logistics, Mobility, Energy, E-Commerce, and more.

He teaches Domain-Driven Design courses and curates the DDD Europe conference. When he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, he helps his two sons build crazy Lego contraptions.


Meetup 30/09 Photo’s

Here are some photo’s from our first meetup!

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Slides and Evaluation of Yves’ Talk

For those who want to see the slides of Yves’ talk, “If at first you don’t succeed with Event Sourcing,” you can find them on SlideShare.

Also, if you could attend (thanks!), you could help us by filling out the evaluation form (Dutch).

Don’t forget to mark 2 December on your calendars! Our next meetup will be with Matthias Verraes.

monday 30 September 2019 – If at first you don’t succeed with Event Sourcing – Yves Reynhout

Yves Reynhout

As more teams / software developers start out with event sourcing, they are confronted with fairly common problems, hindering their ability to deliver, causing technical paralysis. This talk is a gentle introduction to event sourcing and takes a practical and pattern like approach towards addressing those problems. Walk away with a better understanding ….

The talk can be in English. If there are only Dutch-speaking attendees, we will probably do it in Dutch.


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About Yves Reynhout

Yves is a passionate software developer with a broad range of experience and interests, passionate about technology, and has a constant urge to learn and improve his skills.

His work exists primarily in building mobile, cloud and native, multi-user products, with features that can scale, like allowing a high degree of configurability by the end-users, buliding in authentication and authorization, printing, reporting, aggregating and distilling information. Also integration with third parties, services and devices, making use of both messaging and RPC.

He analyses, designs, documents, implements models to automate business processes, designs solutions that multiple teams can work on, writes automated test specifications on unit, integration, scenario and UI level, writes code for every layer in the stack, automates deployment of software through scripts and infrastructure as code, and is also involved in the operational side of running software (like monitoring, logging, tracing, diagnostics). All to meet the customer’s needs.

About the location

The event is in the building of Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds at Gistelse Steenweg 294, Sint-Andries, Brugge.

Parking is available around the entire building. If you can’t find a parking space, just drive a little further around the building.

There will be arrows pointing the way from the entrance all the way up to the room on the 3rd floor.

Doors open at 19:30, session starts at 20:00.